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Active Lifestyle 

Whether you play pickleball for enjoyment or are gearing up for an ultra run, Advanced Care Massage specializes in aiding individuals in returning to their active lifestyle.


With a track record of assisting retired professional athletes, semi-professionals, competitive sports enthusiasts, and beyond, our EXPERTISE extends to preventing, repairing, and recovering from a diverse array of sports injuries.


Our Approach

We do a couple of things, but our MOST UNIQUE SPECIALTY is something we call Corrective Myofascial Massage. The goal is to find the root cause of your issue, by using our expertise to problem solve imbalances in your body.


Our Kentucky state board approved and CE-certified massage therapists have experience in a wide range of treatment methodologies including several techniques enabling a unique treatment plan to address your individual discomfort or pain. 

There are four components to our treatment plan: Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR),  Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) 

We believe in creating a partnership with our clients so together we can work to ascertain the source of your issues. It's important that we talk about what is going on in the body first. Then, we assess the structure and irregular muscular patterns. Next, we approach the body with therapeutic techniques to address imbalances in the body. We use hands-on bodywork, mindfulness, and deep breathing to address the irregular muscular patterns and reinforce changes. With this combination we are working to re-educate the negative muscular patterns caused by the path of least resistance from stored emotions and injuries


Whether you need prevention, repair, or recovery due to structural, muscular, mental blockage the ultimate goal is to promote an overall balance to mitigate or eliminate pain. Since our approach finds the source of the issue instead of only addressing the symptoms this creates a balanced mind in a balanced body. pain relief massage therapeuti

Your journey back to an active and pain-free lifestyle begins with our professional care.

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